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Open Your Self Directed IRA

Choose a Traditional IRA, SEP, Roth or SIMPLE retirement account. Learn more about these accounts.

You’ll need to choose the appropriate retirement account for your situation, and we always recommend consulting with your CPA or financial professional.

There are several ways you can open the type of account you have selected:

  • Use our online wizard. Our wizard will guide you through the process to open and fund your account
  • Use our DocuSign account application forms; or
  • Download the account application forms to complete offline

Fund Your Self Directed IRA

There are several ways to conveniently and securely fund your account. You may:

  • Make a new annual cash contribution using check or electronic transfer. Please be aware of the contribution limits as defined by the IRS as these can change from year to year.
  • Rollover money from an existing retirement plan. You can invest funds from a former employer’s retirement plan, such as a 401k or pension plan.
  • Transfer cash from an existing IRA account at another institution. This can be an existing retirement account at a brokerage firm or another custodian.

Based on your choice of funding options, the timing can vary. Timing for rollovers or transfers are dependent on the current holder of your funds - the brokerage, custodian or plan administrator. This can at times, take days or weeks depending on the third party, so it’s always best to plan accordingly if you’ve already made an investment decision and are aware of any deadlines associated with that investment.

Invest in the Alternative Asset of Your Choice

Because of the broad range and structures for alternative (or non-traded) assets, we require an administrative review of the investment by our Investment Specialists. We will review the documents that the issuer or sponsor of the investment provide to you describing this asset.

Depending on the type of asset (direct or indirect real estate, promissory note, private company, etc.), these documents can vary. These documents are required along with your authorization to make the investment. The investment will not be made on your IRA’s behalf until the investment documents are submitted and reviewed. Learn more about the documentation requirements by asset type.

Also, it is important to note that under IRS rules, it is your IRA account that is making the investment, not you as an individual. The investment will be made in the name of Forge Trust Co. for the benefit of [Your Name].

Once documents are received and reviewed, and we receive your investment authorization, the investment will be made by your account.

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